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The Danish Health Authority has increased the information effort on COVID-19

The Danish Health Authority is currently experiencing a great demand for information from larger companies, workplaces and municipalities. We have therefore today sent out a new information material, targeted to a large number of operators and organizations.

02 MAR 2020

In Danish: 27 FEB 2020, In English: 02 MAR 2020

Today, Denmark has had the first case of COVID-19. However, this does not change the current risk assessment that Statens Serum Institut and the Danish Health Authority issued on Tuesday. The assessment is still that there is a low risk that we will see a widespread infection in Denmark.

“At present, there is no need for special precautions about events with many people, including conferences and mass meetings. As always, we encourage companies to focus on good hygiene that can prevent infection among employees”, says center manager Marlene Øhrberg Krag.

Information for companies and workplaces

The material for companies and workplaces contains good advice for both employers and employees, for example how a workplace should behave if there is suspicion that an employee may be infected or if an employee has been infected. As a starting point, it should not be suspected that an employee with a fever and cough is infected with COVID-19. Only if the individual has both a fever and a cough AND has been exposed to infection when traveling to affected areas or had close contact with infected people can there be reason to suspect COVID-19.

“We send the material out to municipalities and workplaces to prepare them as best as possible to deal with any contagion cases, so that there is no doubt about what to do,” explains Marlene Øhrberg Krag.

If an employee gets ill with COVID-19, the Danish Patient Safety Authority begins to carry out infection and contact tracking. This means that the employee's workplace is contacted and given guidance on how to handle the situation

Information to the municipalities in Denmark

At the same time, in coordination with the Local Government Denmark, the Danish Health Authority has sent a letter to the municipalities of Denmark. The letter contains information to the municipalities about their tasks in health emergencies. Particular focus is on the duty of municipalities to provide assistance in case of quarantine and home isolation treatment of citizens. As the municipalities are also large workplaces, they also receive the information on how to handle possible infection among employees. The same information are also sent to companies and other workplaces.

Information (In Danish)

Prevent infection - poster

Contact KL – Local Government Denmark

Information for companies and workplaces

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