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COVID-19 update: statistics and charts

This information is based on current knowledge. As the situation of the novel coronavirus is constantly evolving, this site will be continuously updated

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The Danish Health Authority's strategy

The coronavirus is now so widespread in Denmark that there is no basis for separate efforts or tests based solely on peoples’ prior travel history. All citizens should follow the Danish Health Authority’s general advice to limit infection.

In light of the situation, the Danish Health Authority has now switched to a mitigation strategy, focusing our efforts on limiting the consequences of the spread of the virus in our society.
This means that we are both trying to delay the spread of the infection and trying to prevent too many from being infected at the same time, as well as protecting particularly vulnerable groups at risk of becoming seriously ill.

We are doing this through the following measures:

• Prevention of the spread of infection in the community, e.g. by recommendations to the public on proper hand hygiene.

• Protection of the elderly and vulnerable groups, e.g. by issuing special recommendations for special risk groups, etc.

• Preparing our health care system by transferring personnel, skills and equipment, etc. as well as prioritising our healthcare system’s resources for those who need hospital treatment through updated recommendations for who should be tested, so that those with severe illness are prioritised, etc.

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