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Written information for travelers in Danish airports

The Danish Health Authorities have provided written information material regarding novel coronavirus to all Danish airports with international flight connections. The written material ensures information of both passengers and employees in Danish airports and is issued to ensure that information on novel coronavirus is broadly distributed.

07 FEB 2020

Danish version 07 FEB 2020 - English version 07 FEB 2020

The written material that is currently being distributed to Danish airports contain information on symptoms of infection with novel coronavirus and which precautions travelers should take if they experience symptoms of infection. The material consists of posters, that are to be displayed in airports, as well as flyers that can be handed out to passengers. The material will also be accessible from the website of The Danish Health Authorities.

“The information material is developed as a part of our efforts to inform the public of novel coronavirus and to make both travelers and employees in airports feel safe”, explains Søren Brostrøm, Director General of The Danish Health Authority.

The information material is published in Danish, English and Chinese.

The Danish Health Authorities are collaborating with the Danish airports to ensure that the material is posted and distributed. Also, the material is accessible on the website of The Danish Health Authorities.

Currently, there are no cases of individuals infected with novel coronavirus in Denmark and the risk of becoming infected in Denmark is small. This is also the case in Danish airports and there is no grounds for concern as a traveler passing through the airports. The information material should only be seen as information for travelers.


General advice to prevent viral airway infections are:

  • Hand hygiene – primarily washing your hands and if necessary performing hand disinfection if the hands are visibly clean and dry
  • Avoid contact with visibly ill individuals with upper airway symptoms

  • Cough and sneeze into a disposable handkerchief, or alternatively in the inner portion of the elbow

These precautions protect both the individual and others from infection.

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