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Virtual conference: Vaccination of children in Denmark

The Danish Health Authority invites you to our conference on vaccination of children in Denmark.

How does the Danish childhood immunization program work? Which attitudes do Danes have towards vaccinating their children? And how do we use new knowledge and data to ensure continued high vaccination coverage?

Much has happened within the area of vaccination within the last few years. Globally, major initiatives to vaccinate populations have taken place due to the covid-19 pandemic with a significant focus on how to ensure adherence to vaccination programs.

The Danish Health Authority has invited a number of persons, who will present current topics and discuss future opportunities and challenges regarding routine childhood immunization.

The conference will be separated in two sessions. The first session will be aimed at an international audience and will be held in English. This session will concern the following:

  • Behavior and attitudes towards vaccination
  • Use of research in the efforts and initiatives of the Danish Health Authority

The second session will have a national perspective and will be held in Danish. At this session, the topic will be vaccination of children against influenza. 

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Executive summary: Conference about Vaccine hesitancy and vaccination of children


Virtual conference about vaccination of children in Denmark | Sundhedsstyrelsen (nemtilmeld.dk)