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Danish citizens in Hubei area are offered return to Denmark

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has, similar to a number of other countries, decided to help Danish citizens located in the Chinese Hubei province, with transportation back to Denmark

29 JAN 2020

The offer concerns a small number of Danish citizens who will be traveling as part of a larger group of people returning to different countries in the EU.

“Naturally we will be ready to receive the returning citizens at their arrival in Denmark under sound conditions. We will make sure that they are informed and assessed for symptoms and risk contact in Wuhan, so that we can guide them and initiate the relevant precautions”, says Søren Brostrøm. He also stresses that The Danish Health Authorities encourage all Danish citizens currently located in the Hubei province to follow the instructions of local authorities and keep themselves updated on the information on the website of The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs about how to proceed if they wish to accept the offer of returning to Denmark.

“We are in dialogue with The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to ensure that the Danish citizens, who choose to return to Denmark are informed about what they should do when returning to Denmark.”

In line with recommendations from the WHO, the Chinese authorities have implemented screening of persons leaving China, which reduces the risk of people infected with the novel coronavirus leaving the country.

“If a person arrives in Denmark who we suspect is infected with the novel coronavirus, we have a strong preparedness team ready to handle this situation. If healthy persons arrive who have been in close contact with people infected with the novel coronavirus, we will perform a concrete and individual assessment as to whether we will initiate e.g. home isolation or quarantine in special facilities as described in our guidelines”, says Søren Brostrøm.

Citizens who have returned from the Hubei province within the last 2 weeks, can find answers to questions at the website of The Danish Health Authority or contact their family doctor or emergency services for counselling.

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