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ONE OF US is organised as a part of The Danish Health Authority, where the program is managed nationally. At the regional level ONE OF US is located in the regional divisions called PsykInfo (Psychiatric Information Centre) that are part of each of the five regions of Denmark. The national and regional levels of ONE OF US work closely together.

Contact ONE OF US in your region

Capital City Region

Caroline Osander, ONE OF US-coordinator

Tel. 38 64 13 03


Region Zealand

Anne Mette Billekop, ONE OF US-coordinator

Tel. 70 25 02 60


Region of Southern Denmark

Ulla Lindgren, ONE OF US-coordinator

Tel. 99 44 45 46


Mid Jutland Region

Jette Dupont Lauritsen, ONE OF US-coordinator

Tel. 30 62 16 87


North Jutland Region

Malene Terp, ONE OF US-coordinator

Tel. 40 12 83 33


The Danish Health Authority

Anja Kare Vedelsby, Program Manager of ONE OF US

Tel. 24 83 66 33 


Louise Hornbøll, Project Manager in ONE OF US


Opdateret 19 SEP 2023