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How we work

The responsibility of the Danish Health Authority is to promote public health and set the framework and direction within the health and elderly care in Denmark. Our tasks are very diverse, but our approach to all of them is identical – ambitious, attentive and, not least, cooperative. We mediate professional consensus but are ready to take action when needed.


Our responsibilities in the health fields range from national clinical guidelines, radiation protection, initiatives in health and elderly care and in major disease areas – such as cancer, heart disease, psychiatry, diabetes and infectious diseases prevention.

In order to get the best possible overview, knowledge and basis for new initiatives there are a number of common denominators in how we work to accomplish our goals.

One of them is that we involve and collaborate with many stakeholders. We take on board the advice and input from experts and professionals to find the best way forward. 

We are professionals, but not experts in all areas. We gather knowledge, monitor developments or delve deeper into specific fields because we need the best possible knowledge foundation upon which to base our decisions. 

The third characteristic of our work is that it must be of use to both health professionals, patients and the public. One of our most important tasks is to make our knowledge accessible through various campaigns and on the website and social media, for example. 


The Danish Health Authority forms part of the Ministry of the Interior and Health's delegations at official assemblies and participates in several international collaborations.

The EU

We participate in work at government level, serve on committees, and solve specific tasks on behalf of the European community.

The Nordic Countries

We collaborate on health issues and emergency preparedness with the other Nordic countries in the so-called Svalbard Group (under a mandate from the Nordic Council). As of 2020, Denmark has taken over the Presidency of the Nordic Council.


We work extensively with the WHO on interantional health issues


We collaborate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN's international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field.

European collaborations

We participate in a range of projects and collaborations on vaccinations, infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and drugs, for example.

Updated 28 JUL 2023