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Access to health care for refugees from Ukraine

When you have a residence permit and a place of residence in Denmark, you are entitled to free treatment in most of the healthcare system.

The Danish Health Authority focuses on refugees from Ukraine being offered the necessary health services when they arrive in Denmark. Ukrainian refugees' access to health care depends on their basis of residence.

Ukrainians who have a residence permit under the Special Act are entitled to all benefits of the Danish Health Care Act after obtaining a Danish civil registration number (CPR number).

It is then possible to have the yellow health card issued. The right to health benefits is granted on an equal footing with others residing in Denmark.

Read more at en.kriseinformation.dk


The Danish Healthcare System

Read more about how your are examined and treated in the Danish Healthcare system in this leaflet.

Pamphlet: You and your health


Child Health

Pamphlet: Food and meals for young children - From 8 months to 3 years

New in Denmark

Pamphlet: Health Guidelines for parents with small children (currently unavailable)

Pamphlet: Healthy children in a new country: 0-2 years



Vaccination against covid-19

The Danish Health Authority recommends vaccination against covid-19 because it provides some protection against becoming infected and high protection aganist becoming severely ill or hospitalised with covid-19.

Read more about vaccination against covid-19

Pamphlet: Get vaccinated against covid-19

Зробіть щеплення від covid-19 (Ukrainian)

The Danish Childhood Vaccination Programme

Pamphlet: The Danish Childhood Vaccination Programme


Hand Hygiene

Poster: Hand hygiene


Infectious diseases

Guidance on preventing the spread of MRSA

Updated 28 JUL 2023