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Danish Health Authority is the supreme authority of healthcare in Denmark and is part of the Ministry of Health group. We assists the Minister with advice in the policy area and advises other authorities within the state, regional and municipal areas of healthcare.

The Danish Health Authority’s main activities are organised in eight health management departments and two administrative departments:

  • Education
  • Elderly and Dementia
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Health Promotion and Inequality
  • Hospital Planning
  • Preparedness and infectious diseases
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Radiation Protection
  • Secretariat
  • Communication


All departments refer directly to the Director General.

The Executive Board includes the Director General and Directors.

The Danish Health Authority has approximately 200 employees, of whom medical doctors and other health professionals make up a quarter. About 60 per cent of all employees are academics.



Updated 01 AUG 2023