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The organisational structure consists of an Executive Board, the Secretariat, Communication and eight departments.

The Executive Board includes the Director General and the Deputy Director General and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Danish Health Authority.

Director General: Søren Brostrøm, sbro@sst.dk

Deputy Director General Helene Bilsted Probst, hpr@sst.dk


Preparedness and infectious diseases  is responsible for the national health emergency plan, the Danish childhood immunisation programme and other tasks related to the prevention of infectious and communicable diseases.

Director: Bolette Søborg, boso@sst.dk


Evidence-based medicine is in charge of the national clinical guidelines, screening programmes, and rational pharmacotherapy as well as organ donation.

Director: Britta Tendal Jeppesen


Communication is responsible for the Authority's internal and external communication, including inquiries from the press, social media, website, visual identity, campaigns, etc.

Director Eva Tolstrup Ziegler, evtz@sst.dk

Education is responsible for the administration and development of the quality of the training for specialist doctors and dentists and further training for nurses. The department also processes applications for experimental treatments and highly specialised treatment abroad.

Director: Steen Dalsgård Jespersen, stdj@sst.dk


Elderly and Dementia is responsible for rehabilitation, prevention and support for the elderly who have or are at risk of functional loss. A major focus area is to strengthen and ensure consistency between healthcare and social care efforts for senior citizens and people with dementia.

Director: Mads Biering la Cour, mbco@sst.dk


Health Promotion and inequality handles tasks in public health and general prevention with health promotion iniatives, including alcohol, tobacco, physical activity, nutrition, sexual health, mental health, drugs, environmental medicine, inequality in health, pregnancy and maternity and healthcare.

Director: Niels Sandø-Pedersen, nsa@sst.dk


Hospital Planning focuses on ensuring the highest possible patient care quality and plans the overall framework for public health-related services and hospitals. 

Director: Agnete Vale Nielsen, agvn@sst.dk


Primary Healthcare handles tasks regarding the health services provided by municipalities and practitioners, as well as the cancer and heart disease areas. An important focus area is to support and promote coherence and quality in the municipalities' health services as well as to strengthen cross-sectoral cooperation. The department is also responsible for the health agreements between regions, municipalities and specialist services.

Director: Tanja M. Popp, tmpo@sst.dk


Radiation Protection undertakes all regulatory functions and statutory duties related to radiation protection – wherever ionising radiation exists, is used or produced. 

Director: Mette Karin Øhlenschlæger, moe@sst.dk


The Secretariat provides administrative support to the Executive Board and the entire organisation. Further, the Secretariat is responsible for internal and external communication, coordinates the Authority's international collaborations and projects, and manages finances, resources and legal issues.

Acting Director: Michael Andersen, mica@sst.dk

Updated 08 NOV 2021