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Prevent SIDS - and the development of head deformities

Brochure for parents


Fortunately, SIDS occurs very rarely in Denmark. Even so, every year, there are children who die suddenly in their sleep despite a lack of serious illness and with no apparent cause. This is known as "sudden infant death syndrome" (SIDS), also called "cot death".

Three factors have been shown to increase the risk of SIDS: a child sleeping on its stomach or side, being exposed to tobacco smoke, and being too warm while sleeping. In light of this, since 1991, the Danish Health Authority and many other national health authorities have made the following recommendations:

  1. Infants should always sleep on their backs
  2. Mothers should avoid smoking while pregnant, and children should not be exposed to tobacco smoke after birth
  3. Parents should ensure that children are not too warm while sleeping


Prevent SIDS - and the development of head deformities - brochure for parents


Danish version

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