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Vaccination of 5-11-year-old children is to help stop infection

The Danish Health Authority has reviewed the medical basis for vaccination of 5-11-year-olds and has decided, based on this review, to recommend vaccination against COVID-19 for this age group. All children in this group will receive a vaccination invitation in the coming weeks.

30 NOV 2021

This article in Danish

The pandemic is growing in Denmark, and the infection rate is high among children. The increased infection among children also leads to increased COVID-19 among the rest of the population and puts added strain on an already overburdened hospital system. 

The COVID-19 vaccine from BioNTech-Pfizer, Comirnaty®, has just been recommended by the EMA for vaccination of 5-11-year-old children. In this connection, the Danish Health Authority has assessed that the vaccine is to be recommended for children, as it will help break chains of infection among children. The European Commission is expected to approve the use very shortly, after which vaccination can begin. 

“We’re still in the middle of a pandemic. The contagious delta variant is contributing to our high rate of infections among young children, and the infection spreads from the children to their parents and grandparents. The reason why we’re recommending vaccination of children is precisely to reduce cases of infection and break the chains of infection, and to increase immunity in the population. It’s important to get the pandemic under control,” says Deputy Director General Helene Probst. 

Together with an expert group, the Danish Health Authority has reviewed the medical basis for vaccination of children. The Danish Health Authority’s assessment is that it is safe and effective to  vaccinate children against COVID-19. 

“We’ve done everything to keep the schools open with testing and preventive initiatives, but we must ascertain that the infection rate is high and that the measures aren’t sufficient. It’s of great importance to the everyday lives of both children and parents. The vaccines can help the children get back to a normal everyday life,” says Helene Probst. 

Children rarely become severely ill with COVID-19, but they risk infecting their parents and grandparents, who may become ill. Although protection of the children is not the primary objective,vaccination of 5-11-year-olds can provide greater safety and security for the individual child and family because it reduces the risk of infecting vulnerable family members. Vaccination can also contribute to ensuring that the children have a more normal everyday life without a risk of being sent home from school, a need for testing, infection tracing, etc. 

“The way the pandemic is developing right now, it’s unfortunately not enough to administrate booster vaccination to those who have already had their two vaccination shots. If the vaccination of children is to have an effect this season, it is crucial to start as soon as possible. We will therefore be sending out the invitations already from Saturday, 27 November,” says Helene Probst.