Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a comprehensive, systematic assessment of the background for and the consequences of applying health technology. The purpose of HTA is to improve the basis for decisions about prioritisation and planning in the health area.

HTA evaluates treatment methods to disseminate knowledge on the best use of health technologies. HTA contributes to quality development and efficient resource utilisation in the Danish health service.

In December 2012, the Danish Health Authority stopped making health technology assessments.


See a list of our HTA publications, including national HTA reports, HTA funded projects, Mini-HTAs and Commented foreign HTAs.

Please note that the contents of these publications are not updated and that links and references may be outdated.

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For a current update of the development in the HTA area in Denmark, please visit the websites of the individual regions.

Information about the European HTA network EUnetHTA

Updated 14 June 2016