The health of Danes combined in unique database

13 March 2014

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority and Danish Regions have published new figures for the health of the adult population in Denmark.

How healthy are we? Do we feel stressed? Are we drinking more alcohol? Find the answers to all these questions in the Danish National Health Profile 2013. The report describes in detail the general lifestyle of Danes, the changes that have occurred during the past three years and how health, well-being and disease are related to education and civil status.

The lifestyle of Danes across municipalities and regions

More than 160,000 Danes over the age of 16 have answered the questionnaire about health, morbidity and well-being. This is the second survey of the health of Danes. The first survey was made in 2010. The Danish National Health Profile 2013 was presented at a conference, at which a comparison of how public health developed from 2010 to 2013 was also presented.

The answers to the questionnaire were collected simultaneously in 2013 in all of Denmark's 98 municipalities. So the survey both provides an overview of the health and well-being of Danes and makes it possible to compare the results across municipalities and regions in Denmark. In the coming time, the regions will publish their regional health profiles.

The national health profile is mainly used to ensure that planned health and prevention efforts match the needs of the citizens. The survey was prepared in a collaboration between the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, The Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, Local Government Denmark, National Institute of Public Health, Region of Southern Denmark, North Denmark Region, Central Denmark Region, Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand.

Dive into the database

The data of the survey are incorporated into a database providing facts about the health and morbidity of Danes distributed on municipalities and regions. The database is based on the most comprehensive mapping of the health of Danes ever made. Read more at www.danskernessundhed.dk and dive into the statistical data (in Danish only).


Read a summary of the Danish National Health Profile 2013 in English

The report: Danish National Health Profile 2013 (in Danish only)

Fact sheet about the Danish National Health Profile 2013 (in Danish only)

Comments to the survey results

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