Digital post from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority

25 November 2013

From 1 November 2013, it is mandatory for businesses with a CVR number to be able to receive digital post from public authorities.

What is digital post? 

e-Boks has developed an electronic mailbox that may be used for receiving digital post. This enables digital communication between public authorities and CVR registered businesses. Your business is responsible for reading the digital letters you receive in your mailbox as digital letters have the same status as physical letters.

The advantages of digital post:

  • All your digital letters from public authorities will be sent to one digital mailbox.
  • You can write to local, regional and central authorities and receive answers digitally.
  • The digital mailbox is linked to your CVR number and will not be affected if you change addresses or email addresses.
  • The access to your mails is encrypted.

NOTE! When setting up your digital mailbox, you can choose to be notified by e-mail when new mail arrives. This is possible both in e-Boks and Virk.dk/postkasse.

Become an e-Boks user

First, you need to request a NemID employee digital signature. Then you can set up your digital mailbox at Virk.dk/postkasse. Here you will also find video instructions for employees and administrators. If you need help, please contact Virk’s hotline on +45 7080 8686.

Already using e-Boks? 

First, you need to request a NemID employee digital signature. Then you can:

  1. use e-Boks as your digital mailbox: Log on to e-Boks Business and choose to receive digital post from public authorities by clicking the link "Receive digital post from public authorities",
  2. go to Virk.dk/postkasse and select to receive digital post in this mailbox. 

Read more at e-Boks.dk or Virk.dk/postkasse 

Contact Virk’s hotline on +45 7080 8686 if you need help.