Environment and health

Climate change

Denmark can expect a warmer climate, both milder and wetter winters and warmer and drier summers.  

International collaboration

We work internationally on behalf of the Ministry of Health and participates in development work targeted at the environment and health in the Nordic countries, the European Union, and under the auspices of the World Health Organization.

We have given priority to WHO collaboration on environment and health for many years and has participated actively in preparing and carrying out European ministerial conferences on environment and health under the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Focus on the environment and health

The Danish Health Authority advises the Danish Minister for Health on the health effects of environmental impacts based on inclusive knowledge about the Danish population's state of health and specific health impacts. 
We work to ensure that key efforts are made to mitigate hazardous effects of environmental factors on people's health.

The public health medical officers at our regional offices advise regions and municipalities on the health-related consequences of various environmental factors.

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Updated 23 August 2013