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How you will get vaccinated

If you are offered vaccination based on your age, you will receive an invitation in e-Boks/mit.dk. You will be offered vaccination against covid-19, influenza and pneumococci. For nursing home residents, there will be a special offer of local vaccination without appointment.

If you are in the target group for vaccination based on your illness/condition or your work, you will not receive an invitation. When the programme starts on 1 October, you can instead either:

  • Fill in a solemn declaration and booking an appointment for vaccination on www.vacciner.dk. If you are in doubt about whether you are in the target group for vaccination, you can fill in a guiding questionnaire, which is also available on www.vacciner.dk, and then book an appointment if you are in the target group.
  • Talk to your doctor, who can set up a vaccination process at www.vacciner.dk for you with the vaccines you are offered. You can then book an appointment yourself. In some cases, your doctor will be able to vaccinate you immediately.

If you are a healthcare professional or elderly care worker or employed in selected parts of the social services sector, your workplace can inform you about whether they offer vaccination of their staff.

You can receive help from your Region to book or change an appointment. You can find the direct number for you Region here:

  • Capital Region of Denmark – Tel. 38 66 00 00
  • Region Zealand – Tel. 70 20 42 33
  • Region of Southern Denmark – Tel. 99 44 07 17
  • Central Denmark Region – Tel. 70 23 24 15
  • North Denmark Region – Tel. 97 64 84 63

Some general practitioners will also offer vaccination.

Click here to see where you can get vaccinated against covid-19 

If you do not have NemID

If you have received a vaccination offer and do not have NemID, please call your own region of residence directly to book a time.


The region where you have booked time for vaccination can also help you change or cancel your appointments, if you are unable to do so yourself on vacciner.dk


You can obtain a NemId through NemID’s website
Updated 13 SEP 2022