Every year, the Danish Health Authority conducts a number of information campaigns to focus on some of the most common risk factors having a major impact on public health, for example alcohol, physical activity, tobacco and sexual health.

We also run information campaigns about e.g. vaccinations and dementia aimed at more specific target groups.

The purpose of these information campaigns is to provide the citizens with a basis for making decisions about their own health behaviour and offer them directions for action, for example to stop smoking. The campaigns also contribute to a change in attitudes and behavioural changes. The information campaigns create visibility and help set the agenda.

Our campaign activities are generally based on the principle that we carry on a national media campaign which creates visibility and highlights the theme nationally. Local players launch measures about the same theme which leads to interaction between national and local activities.

This way, our national information campaigns support the local players in their prevention activities.

Information about specific campaigns is available in Danish.

Updated 23 May 2016