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Vaccination against COVID-19

Pamphlet with information on the Danish vaccination programme against COVID-19


The Danish Health Authority recommends vaccination against COVID-19 because it protects you against becoming infected with and ill from COVID-19.

The vaccine is free of charge, and it is voluntary whether you will accept the offer of vaccination..

Vaccination against COVID-19 - accessible version


  • Why get vaccinated?
  • Who are offered vaccination?
  • Which vaccine will you be offered?
  • Can you choose which vaccine you get?
  • How effective is the vaccine?
  • What side effects do the vaccines have?
  • How does the vaccination take place?
  • Can anyone get vaccinated?
  • Can I get the vaccine if I have or have had COVID-19
  • What should you do after you have been vaccinated?
  • Where can you find answers to your questions? 

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