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The role of the Danish health authorities

The Danish health authorities have various parts to play in the Danish COVID-19 vaccination programme. We cannot answer all your questions at present but will update this site as and when new information becomes available.

The Danish Health Authority is responsible for planning the national vaccination programme. Limited initial vaccine supply will necessitate recommendations for which groups should be the first to get a safe and efficacious vaccine. Based on the science, we have set these priority groups based on, for example, age, occupation, vulnerability, outbreaks, geographical boundaries, vital societal functions, etc. We will also head up communication to the public as well as health professionals and, work with all relevant stakeholders to determine who will administer the vaccine. 

The Danish Medicines Agency plays a central role in the approval and monitoring of clinical trials. Along with experts from other medicines regulatory agencies in the EU, the Danish Medicines Agency works closely with the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) on granting authorisation to companies who apply for approval of vaccines for distribution within the whole of EU. After a vaccine has been authorised, the Danish Medicines Agency will be responsible for monitoring all Danish reports of possible side effects of the vaccine, and for monitoring the safety of the vaccines at European level in collaboration with medicines regulatory agencies from the other EU countries and the European Medicines Agency.

The Danish Medicines Agency is responsible for informing the public of the reasons behind the approval of the vaccines, their efficacy, and how safe they are. Learn more the Danish Medicines Agency's website

Statens Serum Institut is responsible for the procurement and distribution of the vaccines. The Institut will also monitor the number of vaccinations as well as the frequency of vaccine-preventable diseases in Denmark.

Statens Serum Institut will also be advising the country's doctors and other healthcare workers on vaccines and the prevention of infectious diseases.

The Danish health authorities advise the Danish Ministry of Health, which ultimately decides who should be offered free vaccination in a publicly funded vaccination programme.

Updated 12 DEC 2020