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Questions about vaccination

You may have many questions about COVID-19 vaccination that you would like answered. If our website has not answered all your questions, please see below.

Do you have any questions about how to book a time slot?

Learn more at the FAQ at www.vacciner.dk

If you do not have NemID, need help to book a time slot, or to see, change or cancel your appointment, please contact your region of residence.

Danish regions:


Do you need help to use vacciner.dk?

Please contact support at Sundhed.dk on  tel. 44 22 07 27 or send an email to: vaccinersupport@sundhed.dk.

Do you have any general questions about vaccination against COVID-19?

Please call the joint Danish authorities' corona hotline on tel. 70 20 02 33. Please note that the corona hotline is unable to tell you which target group you belong to. 

Are you unsure whether you can be vaccinated or not?

Please consult your own doctor.

Please note: Neither your doctor, the corona hotline or Sundhed.dk can see free time slots, waiting times, book or change your appointments. Please contact your region of residence if you cannot access www.vacciner.dk yourself.

Updated 09 MAR 2021