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12-15 year olds

The Danish Health Authority recommends COVID-19 vaccination for everyone 12 years of age and older to help protect against COVID-19. The offer is voluntary and free of charge.

The Danish Health Authority recommends that children aged 12 and older are vaccinated against COVID-19. There are several reasons for this:

  • The more people who are vaccinated, the better we can prevent the spread of infection and new variants.
  • We currently have a more contagious variant of coronavirus in Denmark. By vaccinating children aged 12-15, we will have better control of the epidemic, and can prevent the spread of infection as we enter the autumn.
  • Vaccinated children help to stop chains of infection, which protects elderly and vulnerable family members who are not vaccinated, and those the vaccine is less effective for.
  • The increased immunity of the population gives both children and adults a more normal everyday without testing and infection tracing.
  • The vaccine effectively protects children from becoming ill from COVID-19. However, children rarely become severely ill.

Other questions?

You may have many questions as a parent when deciding whether your child should be vaccinated or not. Therefore we have gathered some answers to common questions about the vaccination against COVID-19:

Your child aged 12-15 can be vaccinated against COVID-19

You can also learn more about about the vaccines’ efficacy and side effects, as well as how the vaccination takes place in the publication: 

Vaccination against COVID-19

FAQ - For parents of someone aged 12-15 years

Can I decide whether my child should be vaccinated or not?

Yes. For people aged 12-15 years, the invitation will be sent to the parents’ e-Boks. It is the parents who can book an appointment on vacciner.dk. If you are exempt from Digital Post, you will receive a letter in the post and can book an appointment by calling the region where you live. The telephone number is in the letter.

How does the vaccination take place?

• Children under 15 years must have a parent with them when they are vaccinated 
• Show up at the vaccination site as close to your appointment time as possible
• Remember to bring your child’s yellow health insurance card
• After they have had their vaccination, you must wait 15 minutes at the vaccination site, so your child can receive help if they have an allergic reaction. This very rarely happens
• Remember that your child must be vaccinated twice to receive the best possible protection

Who will vaccinate my child?

It is always a doctor who is responsible for the vaccination. However, it is not always a doctor, but another health professional, who will vaccinate your child. There will always be health professionals at the vaccination centre who you can talk to and who can help you if you need it.
Updated 06 AUG 2021