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When will you get vaccinated?

The entire Danish population will be offered vaccination against COVID-19. Vaccination is free and voluntary. Please check the vaccination calendar to see when it is your turn to be vaccinated.

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When will it be your turn to be offered vaccination against COVID-19?

But, please also consult the Danish vaccination calendar, which is revised continuously.

Vaccination calendar (in Danish)

When it is your turn to be vaccinated you will be notified via your e-Boks or by mail.

Learn more about vaccination in this section:

How you will get vaccinated



FAQ - When is it my turn to be vaccinated? 

1. Who decides in which order vaccination is offered?

Based on a professional assessment, the Danish Health Authority has determined the target groups' prioritised order. 

Please see the order in the section:

Who should be vaccinated?

Every dose counts and we want the vaccines to be distributed as quickly and smoothly as possible. The vaccines have to be stored and handled under very specific conditions, so we need to keep the distribution of vaccines under strict control.

In prioritising the target groups, the Danish Health Authority has primarily focused on the following three main objectives of the vaccination programme and current knowledge of how severe COVID-19 affects the different groups:

  1. Minimising death and severe illness due to COVID-19.
  2. Minimising the spread of infection and epidemic control.
  3. Ensuring key societal functions.

Furthermore, the following factors are included in the determination of the order in which the various target groups are offered vaccination:

  • Efficacy of vaccines versus the risk of adverse side effect
    All vaccines carry a risk of adverse reactions that may be mild and transient or, in rare cases, of a more severe nature. Therefore, one must consider whether there are certain groups, for example pregnant women, for whom the effects of the vaccination do not outweigh running the risk of adverse side effects.
  • The number of vaccines available
    Initially, we cannot expect to receive so much vaccine that it will be possible to vaccinate Denmark's entire population. Therefore, the number of vaccines available to us determines which target groups it will be possible and most appropriate to vaccinate first.
  • Vaccines must reach the target group quickly
    It is vital to distribute and administer the vaccine quickly to the target group in order not to delay the effect of vaccination.

At the same time, there is a need for continuous assessment and reassessment of efforts and priorities in relation to current conditions – for example, which groups the vaccines are approved and suitable for, how many and which vaccines are available, and where the infection in society is most significant.

2. You have scheduled a prioritised order of vaccination - why don't you follow it?

The order is designed to accommodate those groups most at risk of becoming infected or severely ill from COVID-19. However, in the implementation stage of the vaccination effort, other considerations have also been taken into account. For example, it has been imperative to reduce the risk of major outbreaks in nursing homes, which is why both residents and staff have been offered vaccination simultaneously, even though they belong in different priority groups.

Furthermore, it was necessary to gain some experience using the vaccine before vaccinating large groups of senior citizens in the regional vaccination centres. 

Updated 09 MAR 2021