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Contact tracking and close contacts

If you have been close to someone who has tested positive for novel coronavirus, you are at risk of having been infected. Therefore, you should also be tested. It is called "contact tracing of close contacts", and is absolutely central in our efforts to break infection chains and reduce the spread of infection.

If you are a close contact of someone infected with novel coronavirus, you can expect a call from Coronaopsporing or from the person who might have infected you. You may also be informed via the contact tracing app, smitte|stop in which case you must call tel. 70 20 02 33 (and then press 2).

Regardless of whether you have symptoms or not, if you are a close contact, you must make sure to be tested twice – on the 4th and 6th day after you have been with the person who has tested positive for novel coronavirus.

How to book the two tests:

  1. Coronaopsporing will assist you in determining which two days you need to be tested.
    If Coronaopsporing has not been in touch with you, please call tel. 70 20 02 33 (and press 2).
  2. When you know which two days you have to be tested, reserve the times for your tests by calling tel. 32 32 05 11 (and then press 2).
  3. Finally, book your tests on coronaprover.dk

As a close contact, you cannot know whether you have been infected until you have been tested and get your test result back. Therefore, you should conduct yourself as if you are infected, namely:

  • Self-isolate
  • Pay particular attention to hygiene and cleaning

If your first test was negative, you do not have to remain isolated at home. However, you must get the second test done to make sure that you are indeed not infected.

Further information

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Updated 24 NOV 2020