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Pamphlets, posters and films

The Danish Health Authority has published a number of materials which you can download, display and share.

Publications, etc. in English


The Danish Health Authority has created badges for citizens who wish to either signal that others should keep their distance or that they are exempt from wearing face masks/visors.

Social distancing badge

The social distancing badge can be worn by anyone who wants to signal that others should keep their distance.

You can get a badge at your local pharmacy or order it through a mumber of patient organisations.


Face mask/visor badge: Exempt (= Fritaget)

This badge may only be used by citizens who are exempt from the requirement to wear face masks/visors – that is, citizens with reduced levels of consciousness, physical or mental impairments or other conditions that renders them unable to wear a face mask or visor.

The badge can be obtained through a number of patient organisations and municipal/regional institutions.

Publications in other languages

Updated 15 JUL 2021