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Hotlines and guidance

Several Danish authorities and organisations have set up hotlines to answer questions about coronavirus/COVID-19.

Hotline in 6 different languages

The Danish Refugee Council has a hotline where questions about COVID-19 is answered in the following six languages: Arabic, Bosnian, English, Kurmanji, Polish and Urdu.

Each language has been allocated its own phone number as well as a chat line. To access the hotline, please click on the link below. 

The hotline is open daily from 5 to 7 p.m.

Go to coronadenmark.dk


Joint Danish authorities' corona hotline

Tel +45 70 20 02 33 

If you cannot find the answers to your questions about novel coronavirus/COVID-19 at cornasmitte.dk/en or sst.dk/corona-eng, please call the joint authorities’ hotline.

Please note that the corona hotline is unable to booking vaccination appointments for you or tell you which target group you belong to. 

Call your own doctor if you have any questions on symptoms and illness. 

Learn more at cornasmitte.dk/en


Coronaopsporing, The Danish Patient Safety Authority

Tel +45 32 32 05 11 

Tested positive

If you have tested positive for novel coronavirus, you must call Coronaopsporing.

They can help you determine who your close contacts are. They can also assist you in tracing and contacting those you have been so close to that you may have infected them with novel coronavirus. 

Close contact

If you are a close contact, please call Coronaopsporing for guidance, for example on how to determine which two days you need to be tested as well as get a referral the two tests.

Learn more in Danish at the Danish Patient Safety Authority's website.


Do you have any questions about vaccination?


Do you need help to use vacciner.dk? – please contact support at Sundhed.dk on  tel. +45 44 22 07 27 or send an email to: vaccinersupport@sundhed.dk.

Do you need help to book a time slot, or to see, change or cancel your appointment? If you do not have NemID, need help to book a time slot, or to see, change or cancel your appointment, please contact your region of residence.

Danish regions


Do you have any general questions about vaccination against COVID-19? - Please call the joint Danish authorities' corona hotline on tel. 70 20 02 33. Please note that the corona hotline is unable to tell you which target group you belong to. 

Are you unsure whether you can be vaccinated or not? Please consult your own doctor.

Please note: Neither your doctor, the corona hotline or Sundhed.dk can see free time slots, waiting times, book or change your appointments. Please contact your region of residence if you cannot access vaccine.dk yourself.


Hotline for authorities and personnel in the heathcare, eldercare and social sectors

Tel. +45 70 20 02 66

The Danish Patient Safety Authority advices other authorities as well as healthcare professionals in the healthcare, eldercare and social sectors.

Learn more in Danish at the Danish Agency for Patient Safety’s website


Hotline for the social sector

Email corona@socialstyrelsen.dk

The National Board of Social Services has set up an email: corona@socialstyrelsen.dk where you can get answers to any questions you might have regarding the social sector during the COVID-19 epidemic. Your questions will be answered within 7 days.

Experts provides guidance to professionals and the public on matters relating to the social sector as well as the field of special education.

Learn more in Danish at the National Board of Social Services’ website.

Hotline for schools, institutions and daycare/childcare

Tel. +45 70 80 67 07

The Ministry of Children and Education has established a hotline where schools, institutions and daycare/childcare services can ask sector-relevant questions on dealing with novel coronavirus/COVID-19.

Learn more in Danish at the Ministry of Children and Education’s website.


Hotline on travel

Tel. +45 33 92 11 12

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can answer questions on travels to and from Denmark.

Learn more in English at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.



Learn more in English on entry into Denmark at these websites


Danish police




Tel.  +45 70 26 75 00

Student counseling provides free social and psychological assistance to students in higher education. You can get help from us if you are active in study at an SU-approved higher education.

Learn more in English at the Studenterrådgivning's website.



Tel. +45 39 25 25 25

Psykiatrifonden’s guidance is available to people who feel that the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting their mental health.

Perhaps you are concerned and anxious about infection and the spread of the disease, or perhaps you are finding that isolation and a limited social life is affecting your mental health. 

Learn more in Danish at: Psykiatrifonden's website.



Tel. +45 116 111

Children and young people can call BørneTelefonen (the childrens' phone) if they are worried or need to talk to an adult.

Learn more in Danish at BørneTelefonen's website.


Updated 10 NOV 2021