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Hotlines and contact information

Here you can find hotlines and contact information to other authorities that can help you with questions about covid-19.

Danish regions

Here you can find contact information to your region:


The Danish Patient Safety Authority

Coronaopsporing, hotline for citizens

Tel +45 32 32 05 11  

If you have questions in relation to covid-19 as a citizen, you can call the Coronaopsporing.

Read more in Danish at the Danish Patient Safety Authority's website


Hotline for authorities and personnel in the healthcare, elderly care and social sectors

Tel. +45 70 20 02 66

The Danish Patient Safety Authority advices other authorities as well as healthcare professionals in the healthcare, elderly care and social sectors.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can answer questions on travels to and from Denmark

Tel. +45 33 92 11 12

Learn more in English at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website

Read more about covid-19 upon entry into Denmark

Updated 16 MAJ 2023