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Test, treatment and immunity

We test for novel coronavirus by taking a smear from the back of your throat. The world over, research is ongoing in the treatment of and vaccination against COVID-19. The Danish health authorities follow this development closely.

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Testing for novel coronavirus

How the test is taken depends on your symptoms:

  • If you have upper respiratory symptoms – for example a sore throat – or no symptoms at all, the viral test is taken with a cotton swab from the back of your throat.
  • If you have symptoms of pneumonia, the mucus sample is collected from your lower respiratory tract.

You get your test results on the digital paltform sundhed.dk

If virus was identified in the test sample, the Danish text will read either:

  • Positive
  • Formodet positiv
  • Påvist

If virus was not identified in the test sample, the Danish text will read either:

  • Negativ
  • Ikke påvist

Treatment and vaccine

At present, there is no treatment or vaccine against COVID-19. We can only treat the symptoms and not the disease itself. 

We do not know when a vaccine will be available, but all over the world, researchers and companies are working hard to produce medicine and a vaccine against COVID-19. In Denmark, the Danish Medicines Agency monitors the situation closely and is prepared to approve new treatments or a vaccine as quickly as possible.

Learn more vaccines and medicines against COVID-19 on the Danish Medicines Agency’s website


Immunity and antibodies

We know that most viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections, like the flu and other types of coronavirus, give you immunity for a while.

Currant knowledge suggests that most people build up some immunity against COVID-19 when they have recovered from the disease. Tests have been developed that can detect antibodies to novel coronavirus in the blood. However, it is yet unclear to what extent the antibodies protect or how long the immunity holds. Therefore, the test cannot predict whether you can be infected again. 

The Danish healthcare system only tests for antibodies as part of research projects and government monitoring. You can buy antibody test kits, but the quality of these tests varies considerably. We therefore recommend that you continue to follow the general guidance on how to prevent the spread of infection regardless.

Updated 10 NOV 2020