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National cancer plan II - Denmark 2005 - National Board of Health recommendations for improving cancer healthcare services

01 JUN 2005

National Cancer Plan II makes a number of recommendations about how improvements can be made throughout the cancer patient pathway. Several of the recommendations will be immediately implementable centrally and locally in the work to improve cancer healthcare services.

With some recommendations, a more detailed description is needed of how they can be implemented in practice, and of who should be responsible for their implementation. In some areas, moreover, implementation of the recommendations could have implications that need to be assessed further. 

National cancer plan II

Annexes - in Danish only

Annex 6.1 Patient pathway organised in packages

Annex 6.2 Patient pathway activity estimations 

Annex 7.1 Primary prevention 

Annex 7.2 Screening for cancer 

Annex 8.1 Symptoms – see a doctor 

Annex 8.3 A Diagnostic examination at hospital – radiology 

Annex 8.3 B Diagnostic examination at hospital – pathology 

Annex 9.1 A Introduction of cancer surgery 

Annex 9.1 B Breast cancer 

Annex 9.1 C Lung cancer 

Annex 9.1 D Intenstinal cancer 

Annex 9.1 E Gynaecological cancer 

Annex 9.1 F Urinary tract cancer 

Annex 9.1 G Upper gastrointestinal tract cancer 

Annex 9.1 H Skin cancer 

Annex 9.1 I Head/neck cancer 

Annex 9.1 J Neurosurgical forms of cancer 

Annex 9.1 K Sarcoma 

Annex 9.1 L Cancer of the eye 

Annex 9.2 A Pharmacotherapy 

Annex 9.2 B PPAS Protocol Patient Administration System 

Annex 9.3 A Radiotherapy – DACEHTA 

Annex 9.3 B Radiotherapy – Copenhagen County 

Annex 9.4 Experimental treatment 

Annex 10.1 A Supportive treatment 

Annex 10.1 B Scalp cooling

Annex 10.2 Rehabilitation 

Annex 10.3 Palliative care 

Annex 11.1 Self-care 

Annex 11.2 Relatives 

Annex 11.3 Alternative medicine 

Annex 12.2 Continuing education of physicians in the cancer area 

Annex 13 Research 

Annex 14.1 Surveillance in the cancer area 

Annex 14.2 Patient assessment of cancer treatment